The best event ever, all the Leaders, CEOs, Founders in Blockchain are gathered

An event dedicated to investors in the field of blockchain are held in Vietnam for enthusiasts of blockchain, technology, investors and startups. where all the Leaders, CEOs, Founders in Blockchain are gathered. “Decentralized Wallet Future Of Crypto Finance” Event will be held in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

  • Blockchain event organized by WBank Wallet with HC chain communication.
  • Supported by trading representative Latoken, which is the world’s TOP 1 volume Exchange, he is also a Product & Business Market Development Strategic Advisor of WBank Wallet
  • Partners: Hamony, KTC, Kingchain, Taggroup, Vicgroup Ava & KTS
  • With the participations of famous people: Big Leaders, CEOs, Founders in Blockchain field from Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and so on

The event will be taken place on:

  • Time: 18h November 11, 2019
  • Location: Palace Hotel 56-66 Nguyen Hue Str, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • This event will be hosted by top speakers, experts in blockchain field, such as:
    • Mr. Irvan – Sales Manager of Latoken Exchange (highest current volume for exchange)
    • Along with rich and experienced experts in finance and blockchain-related fields of many countries.
  • We willl also have more than 500 attendees (whom are investors, and technology lovers)
Palace Hotel Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Palace Hotel Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The participations of famous people

The Big Leaders from Global Community

Mr. Irvan: Sales Manager of Latoken Exchange (highest current volume for exchange)

Mr. Irvan is a well-known person in the blockchain industry, Mr. Irvan is in charge of Bussiness Development for Latoken exchange. After 1 year of operation, Irvan has helped the Latoken exchange from the top 100 CMC to become one of the largest Exchange in the world today. It was an honor and great when Mr. Irvan decided to become a strategic advisor on WBank Wallet product development and business market development, to cooperate with CEO, Founder Robert Martin to develop the Wbank Wallet project in accordance with its vision

Mr. Alex Mok Kong Ming from Malaysia: Founder of Tab Ventures Asia, Co-founder of Crypto Asean and Co-founder of Stockbox. He is Blockchain consultant and Crypto Influncers for ASEAN market

Mr. Mark Dave Manansala: The Blockchain Pundit

A passionate blockchain advocate and crypto enthusiast. I have worked with several companies and created numerous projects. I started my programming career when I was in the university as a freelance web and mobile developer and as a project manager. Overall, I have 7 years experience in the Software Development, Business and Marketing field.

Mr Rolan Clever Reyes – KOL Philippines

Ms Carmen Yap – KOL Philippines

Mr. Adam Lim, CEO Stockbox Capital

Mr. Frauzi: KOL Indonesia 

Ms. Grace Partocenia: KOL Indonesia 

The Big Leaders from Vietnam

Mr. Trung Van Hoang: Founder at KTS Group

Ms. Pham Thuy Linh: Hot admin at KTS Group

Mr. Sang Trinh: Admin at KTS Group and Contentos (COS) project

4 main discussion sessions:

  1. What is a WBank Wallet? Why did the WBank Wllet create such a big attraction?
  2. Why is WBank Wallet complete decentralization?
  3. How does staking related to WBT scarcity? And what is the reason for WBT to reach $ 100 in Q3 / 2020?
  4. Roadmap: WBank Wallet Strategic Plans for the next 12 months
Decentralized wallet future of crypto finance WBank Wallet Event
Decentralized wallet future of crypto finance WBank Wallet Event

Let’s look forward to the event held in the beautiful city, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam’s largest city, and also one of Vietnam’s most important economic, political, cultural and educational centers


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