Compare WBank Wallet and other crypto wallets

Wbank Wallet, decentralized wallet (also known as The World Bank Wallet) is very HOT in the 2019 crypto wallet market. So let’s compare some of the outstanding criteria of Wbank Wallet with other wallets on the market.

Some popular crypto wallets today

  1. Exodus: There are many cryptocurrency wallets on the market, especially hot wallets. One feature that makes Exodus stand out is that the platform is very intuitive and easy to use. It also has an attractive graphic design and a customer service team available.
  2. Coinpayments: This hot wallet supports over 75 cryptocurrencies . Like most hot wallets, it is free and not cumbersome to navigate. Another reason for this wallet being widely accepted online is the ability to use it to make purchases online.
  3. Electrum: Electrum is one of the oldest brands known for storing cryptocurrency. It works like a desktop wallet and still provides users with all the necessary functions. Alternatively, if you plan to change the PC on which it is already installed, you simply need to reinstall the software on the new PC and then enter the seed (a string of random words) that was initially created.
  4., with 100 million transactions completed and 15 million users, may be the most popular cryptocurrency wallet available. They provide you with a double layer of security and they are unaffected by the generated seed used to access the account.

General characteristics: Currently most electronic wallets operate as centralized wallets, you need to top up the wallet for storage. It’s like a closed bank to store.

  • Pros: can see and control assets.
  • Cons: You are not the owner of your property but the owner of an electronic wallet. You must not hold private keys, nor transaction receipts, What you see is the number! What happens if that wallet disappears?

Compare Wbank Wallet with other Crypto Wallets

Content / Wallets WBank Wallet Other Crypto Wallets
Technology Completely Decentralized Wallet Decentralized or semi-decentralized Wallet
Fairness and transparency Yes No
3rd party Property control No, Decentralized Network Centralized Control
Token Number 16 million token Too big
Foundation Company: Full, clear legal Whether or not obvious
Products of the project
  • Decentralized blockchain wallet
  • Decentralized Dapp application system
None, or unclear
Development model Staking – A model to fight inflation and increase scarcity for coins. Create purchasing power in the market Attract capital to pay interest in coins.
The amount of coin increases every day, and is not consumed by the ecosystem
  • Users decentralized app community
  • Investment Community
  • Trader, Holder, IEO Community
MLM invesment community


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