In-depth analysis of WBank Wallet with huge potential Investment

Review WBank Wallet. For the followers of technology, who is always willing to accept every challenge, follow the trend ready to take chances for yourself, In-depth analysis of the Wbank Wallet project. Today, I will share with you all a great opportunity, we will give you one more chance. Million-dollar opportunity. Because it carries so much value, difference and breakthrough growth potential.  Before starting to share on this opportunity,  Let’s look back at Cryto market volatility in late 2018 and the first half of 2019, and where is the opportunity for us all?

Bitcoin is in the process of growth since the beginning of 2019

Bitcoin has risen from 3300 $ to more than 13,000 $ in just over 4 months. The record growth rate is 400%. It means that you only need to spend 3000 $ to invest in this market in February 2019. You were able to earn 13,000 $ without doing anything? ETH has also increased from 89 $ to 360 $ during this time? It sounds incredible, But this is the potential ofof the Crypto market. And 2019 is expected to be a year of strong growth for this market.

Bitcoin Chart
Bitcoin Chart
ETH Chart
ETH Chart

Lucrative investment opportunities are also flooding the market

Emerging as a new wave of investment are interest-paying cryto wallet apps. The common point of these wallets is the appropriation of participants’ funds, the issuance of tokens through payment of profits, which causes the Token value to increase in the first stage under the fomo effect but will inflation and down prices when fluctuations markets and investors divested while their associated ecosystems were too few or nonexistent.

This leads to many potential risks for investors, and the question is that now we should invest in which projects are potential and highly safe, with big differences. That’s why I made the Video above. We will explore an opportunity with all the elements that make a difference, a million-dollar opportunity for all. That is The World Bank Wallet project ( WBank Wallet)
This is a Blockchain Technology project sufficient to attract the attention of all investors, different and greatly outperformed all other wallets currently on the market.

Company potential, legal transparency

  • Outstanding technology products: Blockchain App – Dapp Wallet, Dapp multi-platform system.
  • Standard advanced development model, activate investment right on a personal wallet, 3 minutes to make investment and guide maturity for others.
  • Roadmap, clear strategy.

Are those factors sufficient for your interest? Come with me to learn about this project.

In-depth analysis of the WBank Wallet project

1. Wbank Wallet Dev Company

This project is developed by the company: WB DEVELOP AND TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD is licensed by the Singapore government. The company’s market capitalization is $ 1,2 billion sing , the equivalent of more than $ 800 million.

2. Decentralized wallet based on ERC20 platform

I was impressed by the product and technology differences of this project.
WBank Wallet is the first Decentralized Blockchain Wallet with cross-platform integration. Allows creation of accounts, Backup, Import Privite Key of any decentralized Wallet based on ERC-20 platform.

Let’s find out How technology is Decentralized, with just a small factor, you can recognize the difference and class of Wbank: With respect to WBank, you do not need to register an account on the App of WBank Wallet, which can register an account on any decentralized Wallet on the Erc20 system. Then, sync Privite Key to the WBank Wallet App. With the same Privite key, you can sync across all Wallets, which is awesome. Because that’s why you can’t lose money, nobody can keep your money. Even if you sign up for an account on the Wbank Wallet App. (Show synchronized wallet addresses on other Decentralized Wallets)
Meanwhile, the current App wallets pay interest, still requiring all users to register for an account on their Wallet App before they can issue a Private Key.

3. Support from leading prestige units

Wbank is being partnered and supported by leading prestigious Wallet units such as Imtoken, Trust Wallet. This helps wbank bring in many values and have access to the huge resources of Imtoken, Trust Wallet.

Decentralized application system is integrated on the WBank Blockchain wallet such as Dapp Game, BO Trading, Casino, Magin, Dex Exchange.
The applications on the ecosystem of WBank Wallet are all on Decentralized application market, searching for users completely natural.
It can be seen that this ecosystem meets the majority of users’ tastes about technology. Concentration and niche are game and transaction markets. This ecosystem brings revenue for businesses every second, every minute, every hour.

4. Allocate WB Token

Total 16 million WB Token and Allotted as follows:

  • Ecosystem (5,000,000 For serving ecosystem)
  • Angel investors (2,000,000 For investors seed sale and private sale)
  • Listing (3,000,000 For listing and IEO offer)
  • Lock (5,000,000 unlock after 5 years)
  • Marketing (500,000 for marketing)
  • Bonus program (500,000 will be used as bounty)

5. Development Roadmap

  • Launched on June 25, 2019, officially distributed WBT Token in 7/2019, starting price is $0.568 – price in August is $0.78
  • Update Dapp and partner with Imtoken, Trust Wallet
  • August: Update new versions, Update ecosystems
  • September: Updated the version of Dapp, contact the Exchanges
  • October: Listing and IEO on Exchange

With such a token issuance and such a roadmap, We assess WBT will have potential to grow to hundreds of dollars. We can easily see that WBT did not raise too much capital for the Invest period. They actually plan to go to Top Exchanges. This is evident in the public information of the project is completely transparent.

6: Staking

Staking has been used by many large coins or big players in the industry
While the App Wallets pay interest using the model that is to occupy the participant’s capital, issue tokens through paying profits to players, This causes the Token value to increase at an early stage under the fomo effect but inflation and downgrade when market volatility or divestment and while the associated ecosystem is too little or nonexistent. This model also has many potential risks on the value of the original investment, the value of investment interest …
For example:

  • With other app wallets, the investor’s money business is ETH, BTC, … and returns profit according to the investment value of eth, BTC calculated by market volatility => This is only suitable for those People wishing to accumulate ETH, BTC. But for net investors, there is no cumulative demand, when the market goes down, it can affect both principal and interest of investors.
  • The growth rate of the coin will help increase the value of interest rates, not the value of capital gains for investors. Meanwhile, because the business holds money, when there is a problem, the original repayment to investors may be difficult.

With the Staking that Wbank uses, businesses do not hold investors’ money at all. What the business holds is to lock down the amount of WBT tokens of its customers. This will help WBT tokens on the market become less and less over time as more users know about WBT and everyone wants to own WBT, participate in the ecosystem.

7. Investment returns

So, with the model WBank is using: Investors can be assured of preserving their originals, no matter how the market changes. Investors have compound interest: net interest and principal interest. When investing in WBank’s system, Investors receive 2 profits:

7.1 .Original profit:

  • Number of WBT at the time of Staking activation. Profits are returned daily in dollars. When an investor’s profit is over $ 10, the investor can convert directly to WBT.
  • Investors are allowed to activate multiple investment packages on the same account, the profit of the packages is independent.
  • The total profit and commission paid is 300%. After 300% want to receive benefits, reinvest to continue maintaining the system benefits, which is the return on investment.
  • Investors can cancel the Staking Package after 3 months  to collect the original amount of WBT.

With the Staking model, investors are assured of their initial investment because they are not affected by the volatility of the market. Preserve the original growth, both principal and interest potential.

7.2. Net interest:

The profit that enterprises pay to investors and are calculated in dollar value on investment packages calculated according to the WBT price when Staking is activated. As follows:

  • Package start from $ 100 – $ 3,000: Profit from 0.2% -0.5% / day, equivalent to 6% -15% / month
  • Package investment from $ 3010 or more: Profit from 0.5% -1% / day, equivalent to 15% – 30% / month.

Assess the strengths of the project:

  • Outstanding decentralized technology, synchronization, investment right on Imtoken wallets, Trust Wallet.
  • Transparent company, quality ecosystem, creating large cash flows
  • The advanced staking model is used by many large coins. helping to create scarcity, fight inflation, increase purchasing power of the market, and promote currency appreciation.
  • The number of issued tokens is 16 million, The Development Roadmap on the exchanges and exploitation of natural ecosystems.
  • Investor optimizes capital management, preserves the principal, the value of profits generated from potential interest and principal.
  • Strong potential to create waves, the value can increase hundreds of dollars.
  • The updated app function will be the place to receive the staking of the token. In principle of decentralization with etherum wallet. Works as dapp. Support on imtoken, trustwallet, meta mask


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