The ETH – WBT swap function on the WB Wallet app will be closed soon

WB Wallet (WBank Wallet) has announced the ETH-WBT swap function on the apps will be closed soon.

WB Wallet has announced that The ETH – WBT swap function on the WB Wallet app will be closed soon. The user will soon be unable to swap ETH – WBT again. WB Wallet is a decentralized crypto wallet that is based on the ERC-20 platform and completely based on blockchain technology. The creator said that they built the platform to give the users convenience and privacy to lending, trading, and also playing games using cryptocurrency.

Blockchain technology is currently growing very rapidly. People are starting to leave conventional payment methods and turn to digital currencies. One of the leading digital currency providers WBWallet is offering profitable digital currency investment. One of them is investment using the WB Tokens (WBT). The company’s spokesperson said that WBT is the hottest investment trend in 2020. It is a good profitability investment. It can develop digital currency values to 6%-30%/month.

WB Tokens (WBT) is becoming popular now. It will also be listed on some renowned Decentralized Exchange such as Latoken exchange (Our project advisor is also a latoken sales manager). Coming soon Hotbit exchange, binance dex (Our vision is towards binance chain platform). Probit exchange, and more exchange…

We are happy to disclose the upcoming roadmap with PC wallet version, when google banned metamask wallet, the rapid development of dapp projects will need our support. As you can see, the big community from the dapp projects landed on us on the roadmap. New road maps will be coming soon, and we will soon announce strategic advisers from leading blockchain corporations. Thanks for your patience.

Statistics after airdrop.

We successfully audited after the airdrop

  • 1. The WB app in CH play has had over 10000 + new downloads since we launched the first version at CH Play on January 7. After 20 days of launch we had a phenomenal growth in downloads
  • 2. Over 50,000 total, the number of actual registered accounts on iPhones is still increasing and hasn’t stopped yet, even after we announced the end of the Airdrop campaign.

The WB Wallet is the first decentralized crypto wallet that is based on the ERC-20 platform and blockchain technology. All controlled by its user, no bank or manager, and authority that controls the digital currency circulation.

WBank wallet is also the first wallet to integrate DEX (Decentralized exchanges). Decentralized exchanges (DEX) allow peer-to-peer exchange or trading of the cryptocurrencies.

WBWallet is developed by WB Develop And Technology PTE LTD, and the business license is issued by the Singapore government. Singapore country is renowned very stringent for its financial regulation. Therefore, WBWallet is trusted by many crypto users. The company has been established for one year. WBank Wallet’s system has an attractive mechanism. It generates stable revenue from DApps ETHEREUM, exchange, and Games.

About WBWallet

WBWallet or WBank Wallet is a Decentralized exchange, specialized for WB Tokens (WBT) and ETH (Ethereum). The platform is developed by WB Develop And Technology PTE LTD Singapore. The platform becomes more popular for its benefits, such as the wallet is secure and full protection, it’s good for digital currency investment, instant transfer, and to buy & sell coin. For more information, please visit