Mr. Irvan | Product & Business Market Development Strategic Advisor

Mr. Irvan is a well-known person in the blockchain industry, Mr. Irvan is in charge of Bussiness Development for Latoken exchange. After 1 year of operation, Irvan has helped the Latoken exchange from the top 100 CMC to become one of the largest Exchange in the world today. It was an honor and great when Mr. Irvan decided to become a strategic advisor on WBank Wallet product development and business market development, to cooperate with CEO, Founder Robert Martin to develop the Wbank Wallet project in accordance with its vision

WBank Conference 2019
WBank Conference 2019

CEO, Founder Robert Martin

Robert Martin is from Paris – capital of France. He has 10-year experience in financial and technological areas. Starting at Cryptocurrency from 2014. he understands how important decentralized apply in this industry is.! He used to hold key positions like Product Manager of VIVA Tech, Partner with FTS Capital,..

The WBank Wallet Founder has an MBA in information technology management from the Canadian University Dubai and also several patents in computer security. He has broad experience in leading teams for the actualization of company goals. His outstanding skills in information technology management have made him stand out in several projects he engineered.

The WBank Wallet CEO also has broad knowledge in the blockchain industry. He believes that to achieve a goal the company must work together as one exercising patience and also implementing modern technologies that will grow the company.

An astute project manager and technical engineer was a system engineer at electronic data service for over ten years and improved his technical and managerial skills. Because of his knowledge in blockchain, foreign exchange market and good understanding on how fundamental and technical analysis plays a vital role in affecting sentiments in the FX and Cryptocurrency space, Robert Martin has competitive strengths are in technical innovations, team leadership, long term strategies and strong financial focus.

His main focus is about financial freedom. He wants to do this using the blockchain technology by introducing the “WB BANK WALLET” which is a decentralized wallet completely based on ETH network with a unique goal which is to become a multi-platform for all decentralized applications and token types.

He believes that with the wide acceptance of cryptocurrency, the demand of a decentralized wallet is necessary for any transactions.

Mr Irvan Tisnabudi become a WBank Wallet strategic advisor

  • Blockchain Trailblazer
  • Building partnerships in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space.
  • Consultant and supporter Marketing strategies for Tech Unicorns
  • Invest and build tourism spots in rural Central Java.
  • Affiliations, Clients, Partners and Networks:
    • Grab Car Indonesia
    • BCA
    • Traveloka
    • Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies projects in Indonesia and Asia, Japfa Comfeed, Kaskus Indonesia, HIPMI, Danone Indonesia
    • Globe Media Group
    • Media Nusantara Citra
    • East Ventures, and many more.
WBank Event
WBank Event
  • After 3 years studying Economics in the UK, Irvan returned to Jarkatar and worked at Anchored the Morning and Afternoon News, English-language news and other daily news programs of the cable TV channel. Reported on various daily news on-field. – Now, Irvan is in charge of Business development for Latoken exchange
  • After 1 year of operation, Irvan helps Latoken exchange from top 100 CMC to the one of the largest trading volumes in the world today.
  • Irvan Tisnabudi is a project manager and he has worked with much famous company as a business development manager. He has over five years of experience in media and communications working for top broadcasting companies in INDIA and Bangladesh.
  • His broad experience in content creation to project management, from brand awareness to public relations.
  • He has spearheaded several successful blockchain projects as a PR and Business development manager.
  • As director of PR and Business Development, he will focus on developing a professional communication strategy by implementing the media plans and supervising all major projects to make sure everything is done efficiently.

A dramatic change in the financial world, it was and will be a financial revolution worldwide.

WBank Wallet, a project that brought a dramatic change in the financial world, it was and will be a financial revolution worldwide. Feeling the need to take responsibility to attend the project with the right vision, Irvan decided to cooperate with WBank and CEO Robert to develop the Wbank Wallet project in accordance with its vision. The goal is towards fully decentralized finance, bringing prosperity to humanity. Irvan willing to want to devote his experiences and talents with CEO Robert to bring Wbank to all over the world.


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