WB Wallet Airdrop Campaign Jan 16th – 23rd 2020

Big Chance to get 50 WBT equivalent to $80 for FREE right now at WB Wallet Airdrop Campaign. Join now

🔔 Total Airdrop supply : 100,000 WBT

💰 Get free up to : 50 WBT

🔺 WBT = 1,6 USD

👉 Jan 16th – 23rd 2020

WB Wallet ~ The Best Wallet Blockchain Decentralized for get!

⚠️ Opportunity for investors to accumulate WBank Token (WBT), develop user system to create profit value.

👉 WB Wallet is a completely decentralized ecosystem, Optimal technology platform brings the best experience to users.

⚠️ Currently, WB Wallet app available on CH Play store (App Store will be coming soon ), makes it easy for users to search and download.

👉 WB Wallet helps users store assets safely, experience the ecosystem (Dapps, etc.), make a profit from Investing and Stacking WBank Token (WBT).

🔰 What is the WBank Token (WBT) ?
👉 WBank Token is a cryptocurrency based on ETHEREUM’s ERC-20 platform released by WB Wallet.

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Click & Complete mission: WBWalletAirdropBot (http://t.me/WBWalletAirdropBot)

Telegram Contact Admin : @WB_Supporter

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