WBank Wallet Competitive Advantages

WBank wallet is a blockchain and smart contract integrated wallet with amazing features to lead in the cryptocurrency industry. Let’s find out some of WBank Wallet Competitive Advantage

A smart contract is a “programmable contract,” or “contract intelligence.” A smart contract is nothing more than a digital protocol built within the Blockchain network in order to implement the conditions of a contract. Every node is containing all the necessary information about the contractual agreement and the conditions under which the contract will be regarded as completed. Smart contracts can help the construction industry to get rid of intermediary parties

The “intelligence” is the intelligence of execution when a certain condition is reached, the contract is automatically executed.

Decentralized Wallet
Decentralized Wallet

Such as automatic transfer of securities, automatic payment, etc., this will be an important development direction of block chain technology. Since the block chain can realize the point-to-point value transfer, the corresponding programming script can be embedded in the delivery, and the unforeseen transaction mode can be handled through the smart contract to ensure that the block chain can continue to take effect.

This kind of programmable script is essentially a list of numerous instruction summaries, achieving pertinence and conditionality in value exchange, and achieving specific uses of value. Therefore, any value exchange activity based on the block chain can be hardcontrolled by intelligent programming, its use, direction and various constraints, eliminating the cost of legal or contractual constraints.

Wbank Wallet advanced features

Other special features that makes the WBank wallet higher and more advanced features includes:

Currency exchange

Currency exchange refers to the exchange between different encrypted digital currencies and can be based on real-time ratios. Thanks to currency conversion, users can trade digital assets or realize digital assets more quickly and easily. In the early stage, all digital assets and plus are exchanged on WBT, ETH and Erc20 Token are exchanged. Later, there are many exchanges between all digital assets on the WBank Token platform.

Wbank Wallet Features
Wbank Wallet Features

OTC over-the-counter trading

The over-the-counter (OTC) method is also called the over-the-counter transaction. It refers to the transaction conducted by the market trading entity based on bilateral credit, through independent bilateral inquiry and bilateral clearing. Instead of trading within the trading platform, the transaction is concluded privately at a price above or below the trading platform price or with other conditions.

Currency transaction

The later use of currency transactions can directly realize the exchange between digital assets, which is convenient and fast, and the economic cost and time cost are relatively economical.

WBank Wallet Security

  • Risk Ievel: Low
  • Impact: Network amplify / Denial of service

Each file-based block has a link to a previous block. If a new block arrives where the WBank Token Wallet network cannot find a link to a previous block, a node has to determine whether it is out of sync with the network or if it has received junk data. When a node is out of sync, it will establish a TCP connection to another node that offers to bootstrap it. Thus a block gap synchronization attack is initiated by sending out a torrent of junk blocks, which leads to an amplification of traffic and denial of service as network nodes attempt to establish TCP connections.

Defense mechanism:

WBank Token Wallet nodes are programmed to wait until a certain threshold of votes has been observed for an unlinked block before initiating a TCP connection to a bootstrap node. If a block does not receive enough votes, then it is assumed to be junk.

WBank Wallet Payments

  • Qualified WBank Token Wallet users be eligible for their own debit card linked to an international payments network.
  • WB Token Wallet will develop its own payments network for those who want to accept payments directly from WB Token Wallet users. WB Token Wallet will roll out a franchisee network to build clusters of payment partners within territories.

Differentiation from the other wallets

  • Inbuilt latest technological developments
  • Blockchain enabled data safety and decentralized transactions (Smart Contracts).
  • Sophisticated Business Intelligence tools.
  • Inbuilt Artificial Intelligence tools.
  • Staking Mechanism
  • API capability for unlimited integration.
  • Cloud based and mobile enabled.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Decentralized gaming system
  • Decentralized Exchange
  • Listed in Trust Decentralized Exchange: Fidex, Mercatox. And up comming is Binance Dex, Probit, Hotbit, Coineal, Zbg.com

WBank Wallet Investment Potential

WBT Investment Package
WBT Investment Package

1st Package 1: $ 100 – $3,000

  • Daily growth: 0.2-0.5%
  • Monthly growth: 6-15%

2nd Package 2: From $3,010

  • Daily growth: 0.5% – 1%
  • Monthly growth: 15% – 30%

System Policies

WBank Wallet Leader Bonus
WBank Wallet Leader Bonus

Direct bonus:

  • 5% of investment package from F1
  • 3% of investment package from F2 ( the condition is you have 3F1 and total investment package of that 3F1 more than $500)
  • 2% of investment package from F3 ( the condition is you have 5F1 and total investment package of that 5F1 more than $5,000)
  • 0.5% of investment package from F4 to F50 ( the condition is total investment package of all F1 more than $20,000)

Bank interest bonus:

  • 10% from F1
  • 5% from F2 ( the condition is total investment package of F1 more than $2,000
  • 1% from F3 to F10 (the condition is total investment package of F1 more than $10,000)
  • 0.5% from F11 to F50 (the condition is total investment package of F1 more than $20,000)

Withdrawal from system wallet:
WBT will be locked 3 month from your investment package start, after 3 months, you can withdraw the number of WBT equal to the number of USD ( in case the price of WBT grown up), and the same as the forth month,… and until your cash out all your WBT.

Vip Leader Bonus and Comission :

WBank Wallet Bonus
WBank Wallet Bonus
  • Level 1: System $500,000 and 1% interest of staking whole system.
  • Level2 : ( Condition have 3W1 ) 2 % interest of staking whole system + 1% total revenue of whole ecosystem ( Dapps, games, Bo,…) + Iphone XS max
  • Level3: ( Condition have 3W2 ) 3 % interest of staking whole system + 2% total revenue of whole ecosystem ( Dapps, games, Bo,…) + Mercedes C250
  • Level4: ( Condition have 3W3 ) 4 % interest of staking whole system + 3% total revenue of whole ecosystem ( Dapps, games, Bo,…) + Mercedes E300
  • Level5: ( Condition have 3W4 ) 5 % interest of staking whole system + 5% total revenue of whole ecosystem ( Dapps, games, Bo,…) + Lamborghini Huracan


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