WBank Wallet Comprehensive Ecosystem

More than a decentralized wallet, The World Bank Wallet breaks the banking line with the Dapp ecosystem. Wbank Wallet has built a complete ecosystem, attracting a large worldwide community with practical game applications and functions.

WBank Wallet is a blockchain based. Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (Al) software payment globally. It offers a comprehensive collection of integrated, Smart Contract based, decentralized applications DApps that organizations can use to effectively collect, store, manage, exchange and interpret data from business activities. The world bank Token has a wallet system which is transparent, the app is one big Dapp on the ETH platform.

The actual function is completely advanced and much smarter than other wallets in use. Players on the platform will own an ETH, Token independent address, manage their own personal money as well. The system is compatible with imToken, Trust wallet, MyEther Wallet etc.

The WBank wallet has a special feature whereby it is compatible with Dapp one can use the Token to stack and also use the Token on DApp game. For the first time in the blockchain industry, BIGDApp shares profits from DEX and ,GAMEDApp and trade option etc.

The WBank Token works in a strategic way (i.e it shares profits for the community that supports the projects).

It is as follows:

  • WB Token activation
  • Users receive daily interest: about 0.2 – 1% / day (6 -30%/month) with WB Token
  • Users can reserve,  and withdraw.

WBank Wallet Comprehensive Ecosystem

WBank Wallet Eco System
WBank Wallet Eco System

WBT Staking

WBank Token will be staked Tokens in wallet, base on ETH platfrom. User receives daily interest: about 0.2 – 1% / day (6 -30%/month) with WB Token

Decentralized Game

Users will able to use our WBank Tokens to play games on our Dapps: Crypto Mon, Dragonereum, Axie Infinity

Binary Option

Users will able to use our WBank Tokens to bets in Binary Option Exchange (BO). Increasing transparency and uncontrollableness

Trading Margin

Using financial “leverage” to make higher profit

Decentralized Exchange

Trading on Famous Decentralized Exchange: Fidex, Mercatox, Binance Dex, Probit, Hotbit, Coineal, Zbg.com

Growing ecosystem:

Their will be airdrop for new users of the WBank wallet and also growing more DApps.


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