What is WBank Wallet? Why is WBT so HOT?

Find out what is Wbank Wallet? Why is it convenient, easy to use and offers great value to users? How is WBT your 2019 investment opportunity?

1. WBank Wallet Introduction

  • The first decentralized electronic wallet in the world. Built on ETH platform and integrated smart contact.
  • Largest decentralized application ecosystem on ETH platform!

2. What is blockchain?

  • A blockchain is a system of transaction records made on a platform between peer servers. Blockchain is a distributed, decentralized, public ledger.
  • Blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks, linked by cryptography. Each block contains the cryptographic hash function of the previous block, timestamp and transaction data. By design, a blockchain is resistant to data modification.

3. The position of crypto currencies

  • Currently, up to the second quarter of 2019, the whole market has 2225 different cryptocurrencies on many different platforms.  Comes with more than 10 thousand different exchanges across the globe. Along with transaction volume up to 20 billion usd per day (statistics from coinmarketcap).
  • A number of global giants are now participating in cryptocurrencies, such as Facebook launching their own Globalcoin and building their own platform, IBM launching their own stable coin, Official government owning a cryptocurrency is legal after 3 years of ban, ….
  • Billionaire Tim Draper predicts that BTC may reach 250,000 usd 1BTC within the next 4 years.
  • The world gradually accepts BTC as an asset as well as a common universal payment method
  • The cryptocurrency market is still too small compared to the world scale and its potential. So everything is just the beginning!

4. The biggest difficulty

  • With the proliferation of cryptocurrencies, it is a legal asset, so the biggest question is the security and security of the assets. Where will assets be stored called safe?
  • Where to trade to keep their assets safe?
  • Where to store it?

5. Current situation

Crypto exchange

  • Centralized exchanges (Binance, Huobi, Okex, …): You deposit money into the exchange and hold your assets. Advantages: many functions and convenient exchange, can translate into bank (fiat money), good liquidity. Cons: Creditworthiness of the floor as well as security. You can lose your property if the floor is hacked.
  • Decentralized exchange (Idex, Switcheo, …): You manipulate transactions directly on your personal wallet. Advantages: Property is preserved and Customer directly holds assets. Disadvantages: There are very few decentralized floors and poor information security. Currently The World Bank is leading and developing extremely strongly.

Some popular e-wallets today:


There are many cryptocurrency wallets on the market, especially hot wallets. One feature that makes Exodus stand out is that the platform is very intuitive and easy to use. It also has an attractive graphic design and a customer service team available.


This e-wallet supports over 75 cryptocurrencies. Like most e-wallets, it is free and not cumbersome to navigate. Another reason for this wallet being widely accepted online is the ability to use it to make purchases online.


Electrum is one of the oldest brands known for storing cryptocurrency. It works like a desktop wallet and still provides users with all the necessary functions. Alternatively, if you plan to change the PC on which it is already installed, you simply need to reinstall the software on the new PC and then enter the seed (a string of random words) that was initially created.


Blockchain.com with 100 million transactions completed and 15 million users, may be the most popular cryptocurrency wallet available. They provide you with a double layer of security and they are unaffected by the generated seed used to access the account.
➢ General features :
Currently most e-wallets operate as centralized wallets, you need to top up the wallet for storage. It’s like a closed bank to store.

  • Pros: can see and control assets.
  • Cons: You are not the owner of your property but the owner of an electronic wallet. You must not hold private keys, nor transaction receipts, What you see is the number! What happens if that wallet disappears?

6. Solution:

  • A place to store assets in a place where the exchange is exchanged and traded in a place that holds private key (memory word) absolutely no third party knows to exchange directly to bank money
  • Earn profits right on the deposit as a bank
  • Based on these criteria, The World Bank company, after a long time of incubating research, has launched WBank Wallet.

7. What is WBank Wallet?

7.1. Completely decentralized wallet

WBank Wallet is proud to be the first decentralized wallet on the ETH platform. The World Bank Wallet provides innovative and transparent financial depository services based on the ETH Blockchain. WBank Wallet tries to help customers manage assets on their own personal wallets. The World Bank Wallet tries to make a difference, to optimize the display login security, minimize the complexity for users. The main features to manage assets, customers can:

  1. Log in with your private key or wallet file to unlock the wallet to synchronize blockchain on the ETH platform, along with that will show customers’ assets on the wallet
  2. You can create a new personal wallet: Customer will hold the Private Key and wallet recovery file, all have been synchronized on ETH’s Blockchain system, then customers can send their assets to the personal wallet just created to manage
  3. The customer is a complete holder of personal wallets, so security is absolute
  4. Customers can send assets to different addresses
  5. You can find your transactions on Blockchain system (etherscan.io)
  6. The defined wallet function will be built on SPV technology (Simple payment verification). This allows customers to avoid prolonged Blockchain synchronization while preserving the security of the so-called Full node Wallet’. The keys (Private keys) are stored in an encrypted manner on the end user’s device or hardware wallet (e.g. Ledger, Trezor, etc.) The key can be backed up by passphrase for all types. Money is listed (ERC 20) or by a format key chain for each currency
  7. The function of displaying transactions is performed based on Blockchain ledger, synchronized across the ETH system (including etherscan.io). Everything is transparent!
WBank Wallet Introduction
WBank Wallet Introduction
WBank Wallet Advantages
WBank Wallet Advantages

7.2. Decentralized Exchange

Not just a decentralized e-wallet, we go beyond the limits of the bank, we are a complete ecosystem of DAPPs.  Decentralized exchange is integrated in The World Bank Wallet:

  • We declare that WB Wallet is the first decentralized standardized electronic wallet on the ETH Blockchain platform and has built-in exchange.
  • Currently on the ETH platform, there are decentralized exchanges such as IDEX, Bancor, Etherdelta, … and we are proud to be the same decentralized exchange and integrated at the wallet (where the asset is stored). . Currently, WB Wallet DEX is one of the largest NODE on the ETH platform.
  • Order book feature, trading of exchanges

7.3. Complete ecosystem of DAPPs

  • Expansion Dapps is a place to develop decentralized applications with a huge amount of money to develop Dapps and system construction costs.
  • WB Wallet is an expansion code that helps to maximize the DAPPS system (decentralized applications).
  • Our application is open source, all source code is public, which encourages developers to create ideas and implement on the ETH Blockchain platform in our own applications.
  • Currently, Dapps has focused on GAME on ETH platform and will soon launch many interesting services and games.
  • In the future, we aim to have more than 1000 GAMES on the released ETH platform
  • In the third quarter of 2019, we will release the DAPP Game Betting on ETH platform, which is transparent, independent and decentralized and no longer based on trust mechanism.
WBank Wallet Eco System
WBank Wallet Eco System

7.4. First binary options exchange

In the crypto market, there are many different binary options exchanges, but in reality, we only see moving paths and numbers. The application on the ETH platform will erase the false data, creating absolute accuracy and above all, everything that is transparent can not be fake and fraudulent data.

7.5. Ability to grow and break through

Currently, the whole world is looking to decentralized finance, standardized digital banking. Here we review the breakthroughs to say why the World Bank Wallet will become an investment trend:

  1.  Bank centralized bankruptcy, money customers lost.
  2. The wallet in the form of centralized has ended.
  3. Everyone understands that decentralization is an indispensable element of financial markets.
  4. Directly on users’ personal wallets, we see and feel the return on investment on our own wallets as well as make decisions for our own assets. At any time, without the influence or influence of a third party.
  5. World bank Wallet will become a new prominent trend in the current and upcoming development because with the support of: Imtoken, Trust Wallet, Atomic, Houbi Wallet, Okex Wallet, … Players do not lose too 1 minute of becoming an investor: Staking WBT, as well as sponsoring new investors to join.
  6. Because it is fully decentralized, investors can be assured of withdrawing capital at any time and in just 1 second of operation.
  7. The upcoming WBank Wallet business will list products on the Apple Store and Google Store, along with publicizing the business license and financial investment.
  8. Decentralization will lead all financial institutions.

8 WBank Token

WBank Token (WBT) for lending, trading and also playing games on the WBank platform

  • Start: $0.568 in June 2019
  • WBT maximum supply: 16,000,000
  • Listing and IEO offer: 3,000,000 WBT (18.8%)
  • Potential Value: $100
  • WBT maximum supply: 16,000,000

WBT distribution

The total of WBT (WBank Token): 16,000,000 Token, are distributed:

  • 5,000,000 for serving ecosystem and platform
  • 5,000,000 unlock after 5 years
  • 3,000,000 for listing and IEO
  • 2,000,000 for investors seed sale and private sale
  • 500,000 will be used as bounty
  • 500,000 for marketing, market maker
WBT Distribution
WBT Distribution
WBank Wallet Growth Chart
WBank Wallet Growth Chart

Huge opportunity for fastest person: If you own more WBT while the price is still cheap, the more chance you have to multiply the amount of money you are investing. For example:

  • In July. 2019: WBT value is $0.78. Invest $5.000, you get 6,410 WBT. When WBT price will up to $10 per WBT. You will have: 6,410 WBT x $10 = $64,100
  • In 2020, the WBT value is up to $100. That is so great!
  • Join with us now

WBT Roadmap

WBT Roadmap
WBT Roadmap

9. WBank Wallet Investment Packages

WBT Investment Package
WBT Investment Package

1st Package: $ 100 – $3,000

  • Daily growth: 0.2-0.5%
  • Monthly growth: 6-15%

2nd Package: From $3,010

  • Daily growth: 0.5% – 1%
  • Monthly growth: 15% – 30%

10. System Policies

WBank Wallet Leader Bonus
WBank Wallet Leader Bonus

Direct bonus:

  • 5% of investment package from F1
  • 3% of investment package from F2 ( the condition is you have 3F1 and total investment package of that 3F1 more than $500)
  • 2% of investment package from F3 ( the condition is you have 5F1 and total investment package of that 5F1 more than $5,000)
  • 0.5% of investment package from F4 to F50 ( the condition is total investment package of all F1 more than $20,000)

Bank interest bonus:

  • 10% from F1
  • 5% from F2 ( the condition is total investment package of F1 more than $2,000
  • 1% from F3 to F10 (the condition is total investment package of F1 more than $10,000)
  • 0.5% from F11 to F50 (the condition is total investment package of F1 more than $20,000)

Withdrawal from system wallet:
WBT will be locked 3 month from your investment package start, after 3 months, you can withdraw the number of WBT equal to the number of USD ( in case the price of WBT grown up), and the same as the forth month,… and until your cash out all your WBT.

Vip Leader Bonus and Comission :

WBank Wallet Bonus
WBank Wallet Bonus
  • Level 1: System $500,000 and 1% interest of staking whole system.
  • Level2 : ( Condition have 3W1 ) 2 % interest of staking whole system + 1% total revenue of whole ecosystem ( Dapps, games, Bo,…) + Iphone XS max
  • Level3: ( Condition have 3W2 ) 3 % interest of staking whole system + 2% total revenue of whole ecosystem ( Dapps, games, Bo,…) + Mercedes C250
  • Level4: ( Condition have 3W3 ) 4 % interest of staking whole system + 3% total revenue of whole ecosystem ( Dapps, games, Bo,…) + Mercedes E300
  • Level5: ( Condition have 3W4 ) 5 % interest of staking whole system + 5% total revenue of whole ecosystem ( Dapps, games, Bo,…) + Lamborghini Huracan



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